Structuring is a rather complex process on how to set up a transaction or activity optimized for the clients goals. It results in the development of one or more alternatives, thereby taking into consideration the individual situation of the client, tax (including social security matters), legal (corporate, employment, business law) and commercial parameters. We are specialized in structuring services based on our comprehensive understanding of tax, legal and commercial matters.

Our structuring services comprise

  • Choice of legal form and foundation
  • Structuring of enterprises
  • M&A structuring, reorganizations and restructurings
  • Succession and estate planning
  • Private foundations and asset management

Structuring Projects (Selection)

– Structuring of a family-owned business in Vienna
– Structuring of a energy business operation in the DACH region
– Structuring of a holding entity of an Austrian IT GmbH
– Structuring of a real estate joint-venture project in Austria
– Structuring advice in regard to an intra-group transaction of Austrian branch to Austrian subsidiary
– Structuring of Austrian resident with holdings in French start-up group
– Structuring of Austrian business activities of German start-up technology GmbH
– Structuring and optimization of real estate development transaction
– Structuring and advice of sale of group entities involving Luxembourg, Austria and Slovenia
– Structuring of acquisition by Liechtenstein entity of Austrian real estate from distressed Austrian entity
– Structuring and advice of sale of group entities of a energy group involving EU countries and Latin America

Corporate M&A

Corporate law and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) require an understanding of company and commercial law. It also includes tax law and other legal areas such as general private law (contract law) and specialized private law (employment, IP and real estate law). Corporate M&A services are provided either on a stand-alone basis or as a follow-up of a structuring project, which is implemented and executed by corporate transactions, contract drafting or amendments and registration with the Commercial Court. Corporate M&A services belong to our core services since it is closely linked to tax matters and structuring projects.

Our corporate and M&A services include

  • Corporate transaction advice
  • Draft and amendments of Articles of Association
  • Share and asset deals & reorganizations (M&A)
  • Service contracts
  • Director’s and executive contracts
  • Lease and license contracts
  • Entries and amendments to the Austrian Commercial Register

Corporate M&A Projects (Selection)

– Advice regarding bank securities for corporate debt
– Advice regarding the transfer of real estate
– Dissolution (Liquidation) of an Austrian GmbH
– Advice regarding the transfer of receivables and the assumption of liabilities between group companies
– Advice regarding a contribution in kind and its effects on the financial statements
– Establishment of an Austrian business for an individual
– Advice regarding a rental contract of a EU start-up
– Merger (Up-Stream) of two real estate companies
– Change of legal seat and amendment of articles of association of an Austrian GmbH
– Contribution in kind of shares in a GmbH
– Advice in regard to director’s contract with an Austrian start-up Aktiengesellschaft
– Advice and implementation of service contracts for Austrian subsidiary of an international consulting group
– Advice in regard to employee / management participation plan
– Purchase of substantial shares by an Austrian technology group and implementation of joint venture
– Establishment of Austrian GmbH for an IT start-up
– Establishment of Austrian branch of a German GmbH
– Purchase of Austrian limited partner share in an Austrian Kommanditgesellschaft
– Sale of a substantial share in an Austrian online teaching and consulting GmbH