Tax Law

Tax Law is our core area. We gained deep knowledge and experience in tax cases and filings covering personal and corporate income tax, value added tax, transfer and property taxes, but also duties and social security contibutions. We may support in more complex tax cases, thereby dealing with tax authorities and filing appeals in tax courts.

Our tax services comprise

  • Tax advice and filings
  • Tax analysis and optimization
  • Tax opinions
  • Tax rulings and requests to tax authorities
  • Tax audits
  • Tax proceedings and appeals to tax courts and supreme courts

Tax Projects (Selection)

– Calculation of real estate transfer tax and real estate income tax
– Tax optimization regarding payments to a managing shareholder in a GmbH
– Tax advice of a self-employed in regard to VAT issues
– Tax advice regarging the new regime on cryptocurrencies
– Establishment of an Austrian tax group for an Austrian group
– Tax filings for a UK citizen in Austria
– Tax advice in regard to contributions to a private foundation
– Advice regarding tax and accounting issues of an Austrian GmbH
– Tax advice of an employee of an international organization in Vienna
– Tax advice of an individual in setting up a business in Austria
– Tax filings for a US citizen in Austria
– Tax advice and filings regarding a legal representative to avoid a tax liability due to non-payment of taxes
– Tax advice regarding an acquisition of a family business
– Tax advice for a public real estate investment fund in regard to its investors
– Tax advice in regard to the exemption for main residence from real estate tax

International Taxation

Cross-border situations may result in international taxation. Our tax law expertise together with our broad understanding of international tax rules allows us to provide advice in international taxation matters. Taxation in cross-border situations not only involves national tax laws, but also international treaties to avoid double taxation or double non-taxation. Such cases come with additional complexity based on different national rules that may not be aligned, which could result in international tax risks.

Our international taxation services include

  • Analysis of the tax status in cross-border cases
  • Assessment of double taxation and avoidance by applicable tax treaties
  • Advice in international tax cases
  • Tax advice regarding the establishment of a business in Austria
  • Tax advice regarding secondments
  • Tax advice regarding expats and private clients in cross-border matters
  • International tax planning

International Taxation Projects (Selection)

– Tax advice regarding activities in Austria and an offshore country
– Tax advice to an expat regarding relocation to Austria from the US
– Tax refund claim for a EU group in regard to Austrian input VAT
– Tax advice regarding a non-resident invididual with assets in Austria
– Tax advice for Austrian resident expat with US and EU assets
– Tax advice regarding an Austrian individual related to foreign pension payments
– Tax advice to a Near East Company with Austrian place of management
– Tax advice to a EU start-up in regard to their Austrian branch
– Tax advice regarding a EU start-up for entering the Austrian market
– Tax advice regarding the cross-border structuring of a energy business operation
– Tax advice regarding a relocation from Austria to the Near East